AA Tyre & Rim Warranty

This product is exclusive to our dealer network. Speak to your dealer about an AA Tyre & Rim Warranty.

What exactly is Tyre & Rim Warranty?

Giant potholes. Uneven kerbs. Unexpected road debris that suddenly appears in front of you. Driving on our roads is unpredictable and it’s quite possible that your vehicle’s wheels or rims could get damaged by something out of your control.

While these events are very annoying when they happen, there are ways to ensure that at least you won’t have to pay to repair your car out of your own pocket. Our Tyre & Rim Warranty will take care of these repairs, whether they’re due to rocks, potholes, broken glass, steel cuts or kerbs.

So, if you experience a frightening blowout, or hit an unexpected pothole at speed, at least you won’t have to worry about what finances you’re going to use to fix the damage.

With the condition of the roads in South Africa constantly declining, and potholes becoming bigger and more common, it’s so important to make sure you are covered with an AA Tyre & Rim Warranty.

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Tyre & Rim


Tyre & Rim


AA Tyre & Rim Warranty

Why should I get a Tyre & Rim Warranty?

  • No unexpected expenses. Tyres and rims are especially expensive to repair or replace, so it’s great to know you’ll be covered for these costs in the event of an altercation with a pothole or kerb.
  • Get back on the road again. You can’t drive a car without working tyres − so this cover ensures that you can drive safely once again, with minimum inconvenience to you and minimum damage caused to your vehicle.
  • Fit it into your budget. Select the tyre and rim warranty option you can afford, whether it’s for 12 or 24 months.

PLUS, our Tyre & Rim Warranties cover you for any wheel alignment needed as a result of repairs, so you can keep your car running as it should.

How do I qualify?

Qualifying is really simple. Below are the main qualifying points for you to check before signing up for AA Tyre & Rim Warranty cover.

  • Your car is registered and is in a roadworthy condition.
  • Your tyre tread is at the legal tread limit for your tyres (re-treaded tyres are not covered).
  • Your vehicle is used for private use (vehicles used for business and/or commercial use are not covered).
  • Your vehicle is not rented or used for any off-road activities.

Tyre & Rim Plan FAQs

What does my Tyre & Rim Warranty Plan cover me for?

This plan offers cover against irreparable, accidental damage to the tyres and rims of your vehicle caused by hazards on the roads.

Punctures and any other damage that can be repaired is not covered. The policy does however, cover damage to rims that can be repaired, but not replacement of rims damaged beyond repair.

How much does a Tyre & Rim Warranty Plan cover me for?

You are covered for up to R17 500 for tyre replacements and up to a further R17 500 for rim or mag repairs, for the duration of your policy. The replacement cover of your tyre will take into account the wear on the damaged tyre.

What condition must my tyres be in?

Your tyres must be in a roadworthy condition, with a minimum tread depth of no less than 1mm.

Are any tyres covered by the policy?

Only the tyres that are fitted on your vehicle and listed on the policy schedule, are covered.

Where must I take my vehicle for repairs?

You can take your vehicle to any accredited tyre and rim specialist. They must contact our claims advisors on 0860 267 267 for assistance.