AA Funeral Cover

What is AA Funeral Cover?

One of the most traumatic experiences that a family can go through is losing a member of their immediate or extended family.

In addition to having to deal with the mental anguish and physical pain, there are a great many arrangements that need to be made so that the departed member of the family can be honoured with a funeral that is fitting of their dignity.

And you are required to make a payment in full before any of these costs can be covered.

Having an AA Funeral Plan ensures that you will have the financial resources necessary to give your loved one a funeral that is respectful to their memory.

You have the option of selecting the cover amount anywhere between R10,000 and R70,000.

You have the option of covering just yourself, both you and your spouse, and up to five of your dependent children.


Get AA Funeral Cover Today

    With AA Funeral Cover

    • Choose your cover from R10 000 to R70 000
    • Guaranteed acceptance between the ages of 18-65
    • Cover is for life, as long premiums are paid
    • Cover yourself, your spouse and up to 5 minor children
    • No premiums payable in December
    • Death as a result of natural causes is covered after just 6 months

    Benefits of Funeral Cover

    • Ensure the cost of your funeral is covered
    • Your family won’t get stuck in debt
    • Cover is as flexible as you need it to be