AA Monthly Warranty

What is a Monthly Warranty?

Whether you’ve held on to your car for a few years or have recently bought a second-hand model, we know that that older vehicles generally come with higher risks of something going wrong. That’s why you need a motor vehicle warranty that takes into account these risks, and provides adequate financial protection against mechanical, electrical or electronic failure.

Our AA Monthly car warranty has been specially designed to cater for cars with more years under their belts, protecting your finances and limiting your stress if something happens.

Choose the vehicle warranty cover that suits your needs and your pocket, knowing that if you need to replace parts to get on the road again, these costs and any associated labour will be covered.


AA Monthly Warranty



AA Monthly Warranty


AA Monthly Warranty


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    Why should I get a Car Warranty?

    • Get peace of mind. We’ll take away any worries you have about owning an older vehicle, by covering unexpected costs.
    • Don’t be left on the side of the road. If your car breaks down, we’ll arrange for it to be towed to the nearest accredited repair centre and if it’s after hours, we’ll make sure that it’s stored securely for the night.
    • Get a bed for the night. If you break down more than 200 km from where you live, and your vehicle can’t be repaired that same day, we’ll cover your overnight accommodation.
    • Get car hire. If your car still isn’t repaired within 48 hours of your authorised claim, and you’re more than 200 km from where you live, we’ll arrange for car hire so you can get where you need to.

    How do I qualify?

    • Your vehicle is less than 12 (twelve) years old with less than 250 000 km on the clock
    • You own a new vehicle, demo model or pre-owned vehicle
    • You drive a passenger vehicle, 4×4 or light commercial vehicle
    • Your vehicle is registered and is in a roadworthy condition
    • Your vehicle’s gross mass does not exceed 3600kg
    • Your vehicle is locally manufactured or imported by a local manufacturer (with at least a 12-month warranty)

    AA Warranties is a brand of Advantage Motor Protector (AMP), AMP is an underwriting manager, administrator, and an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP 45942). Underwritten by Lombard Insurance Company, Lombard is a licensed insurer and an authorised Financial Service Provider that underwrites non-life insurance business. (FSP 1596). Insurance Supermarket Insurance Brokers (FSP43986) is the intermediary and will contact you to complete the quote/application.

    AA Monthly Warranty FAQs

    What is a vehicle warranty?

    Warranty, or mechanical breakdown insurance, provides cover for the cost of labour and parts/components following the actual failure or breakage of mechanical/electrical components, as specified in your policy document under Scope of Cover.

    What's covered by a vehicle warranty?

    Most comprehensive warranties will include major components, such as:

    • Engine
    • Transmission system
    • Fuel and ignition systems
    • Cooling system
    • Electronic systems
    • Electrical components
    • Differential
    • Steering
    • Suspension

    Non-frictional clutch and brake system parts
    If a covered part or component breaks or fails as a result of deteriorisation, a warranty will cover the cost of replacement, as per the covered benefit. It does not cover parts that are replaced at the time of repairs, which have deteriorated but not actually broken. It also does not provide cover for any condition that existed before the effective date of the policy.

    If my vehicle is out of the manufacturer’s warranty, can I still get cover?

    Your vehicle may be eligible for cover, depending on the mileage, purchase date and other factors. Please call one of our advisors for help on 0860 267 267, any week day between 8am and 5pm.

    Over what period must I pay for my cover?

    You may choose to pay on a monthly basis, or make a once-off payment for 12 or 24 month cover.

    Where should I take my vehicle for repairs?

    You may choose to have your vehicle repaired at any AA Quality repairer, or any AA Warranties approved repairer. Contact one of our claims advisors on 0860 267 267 to check if your chosen repairer is approved.

    Can I do my own repairs?

    All repairs must be performed at an AA Quality repairer, or at an AA Warranties approved repairer, as these repairers are required to provide a guarantee for their repairs, so that we can ensure your consumer rights are protected.

    Are maintenance items such as oil changes and brake pads covered by my warranty?

    Your policy provides cover for sudden, unforseen breakage or failure of covered components. All servicing and/or general maintenance to your vehicle is not covered.

    Contact our advisors on 0860 267 267, or click below for assistance with information on service or maintenance products that will cover you for these costs.